Samsung unveiled Galaxy Grand Prime and on the late October 2014, it was introduced in the Philippines market along side the Galaxy Note 4. Now we will see if the Galaxy Grand Prime will be able to surpass its predecessors.

Design and Built

Weighing only 156 grams, this 5 inch displayed smartphone can be easily held on hand. Galaxy Grand Prime has the candy bar shape with curved edges. Earphones dock is found at the top while the charging port is at the bottom of the phone. The left side sports the almost one inch button for volume and the right side has the power button sitting around two inches from the top.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Full Specifications and Performance Review
It comes in two colors, white and silver. My Galaxy Grand Prime is silver. The flash sits beside the 8MP rear camera. On the right side or the camera is the speaker. The only unusual thing that I can say with the design is that with this Grand Prime, there is no back light on the keys below the display. The reason might be because it can save some battery life.

One change that can be noticed is that if I long press the home key, I will be directed to Google search compared with previous Samsung phones.


One reason I bought the Galaxy Grand Prime is the quality of its camera. It has 8MP rear camera and 5MP front cam. The photos are clear and the audio when taking video is also clear.
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Camera
Photo editing app for the camera must still be downloaded but it was fine since it did not take much time downloading and took only a small part of memory. One thing that lacks in the front cam option is its ability to zoom in.


I was excited to test the battery capacity of my week old Grand Prime because Samsung prides about its Li-Ion 2600mAh battery capacity.
  • On standby it is yet to be tested on real time
  • On music play while browing the internet via WiFi, it took more than 10 hours to go below 20% of battery life.
  • For music play alone, it can last till 17 hours
  • It usually charges for 3 hours to get to 100% from 5% battery life.


Sounds through the loud speaker is just fine. Nothing to complain about it unless you are a real music lover who is picky with sounds.


Galaxy Prime is powered by 1.2GHz Quad-Core with Anroid 4.4 KitKat. It has 1GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. The external storage can be expanded up to 32GB with a micro SD.
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Full Specifications


It can easily connect to WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G.

AnTuTu Benchmark

Is an Android Benchmarking App that is very comprehensive and useful especially when you are looking for a new phone and has no idea where to begin. This app looks into the phone’s CPU Integer Performance, RAM test, CPU Pointing Point Performance, Memory Performance, SD card read-write speed, and Database Input and output (I/O). Each item is assessed and given a score then it ranks your device among other Android devices.
I had installed AnTuTu Benchmark in my Grand Prime and it came up with the score of 20009. According to AnTuTu, Grand Prime has good CPU and has the ability to support large apps and do multitasking. The RAM is excellent. Its 2D and 3D are both good and can fluently support most games.

  • Great quality for rear and front camera
  • Sounds for music is loud and clear
  • Battery life is longer than other smartphone in the market
  • ON/Off button can easily be pressed and fit well in hand
  • Display is clear and vivid
  • Great for video calls
  • Google search can now be easily accessed
  • Front camera had no zoom feature
  • Battery heats up after long use
  • Dual sim is only on standby
  • Since it is new, there is still no available back case exactly fitting this unit.

Value for Money

A week ago as of this posting, I bought my Galaxy Grand Prime in Trinoma and it costs Php9,500. My preference for a phone is the clear display, long battery life and great camera at this price range. I think Galaxy Grand Prime gives the value for the money since many at this price range has lower camera quality and shorter battery life. Aside from the useful built in apps, Samsung has great after service quality.

Let me know your ideas down at the comment section below.

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