Photos of Hugh Jackman as Black Beard had been circulating around the various social media as fan starts to get excited for his new movie ‘Pan’, the reimagination of the classic Peter Pan. It has been humored that Jackman wanted a straight villain role and he got what he wanted as he was offered Blackbeard’s role.

Aside from Jackman missing his steel claws and now sporting dark mustache, another surprise is that he will not be the famous Captain Hook. Indeed, he will play as a pirate with a flying ship and is leading a coup of kidnapping wartime children including a boy named ‘Peter”, but his character is definitely not the Hook whom we are accustomed to see as the main villain who hates Peter Pan.

In ‘Pan’, J.M. Barrie’s classic story had been given a never before thought of twist, Hook will be a an adventurer with two hands. Yes, he has no hook yet and not phobia from ticking clocks. Pan’s director Joe Wright was excited to share that this movie is exactly not the same story we used to know as kids.

Photos X-men Hero Hugh Jackman as BlackBeard on Pan Movie Goes Viral
The movie tells of a story before the setting of the epic adventure we knew by heart. We are expected to see who are Peter Pan and Captain Hook before they were known as mortal enemies.

As for Hugh Jackman, many are excited to see the X-men hero be a villain, especially as a badass pirate. Hugh Jackman had played various roles and usually, he had been the good guy in the stories. As many loves him as an actor who has a big heart, seeing him in the new light is quite a challenge for the artist. ‘Pan’ is set to hit the theaters on July 27, 2015.

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