An MMDA traffic enforcer was dragged by a blue Maserati in the street of Quezon City on November 27,2014. The MMDA officer named Jorby Adriatico recounted that he flagged down the blue Maserati for illegally turning left at the corner of Araneta Avenue towards Quezon Avenue.

The sports car did not budge, prompting the MMDA Officer to take a photo of the speeding car. Instead of actually turning to the left, the sports car driver decided to make a U-turn back to the traffic enforcer. The driver then called Adriatico.

Adriatico approached the van then suddenly the unknown driver grabbed his uniform and then sped up the car, dragging the officer from Quezon Avenue to Scout Chuatoco where the driver punched him before he was let go.

Viral MMDA Traffic Enforcer Dragged by Blue Maserati Sports Car
The MMDA officers were able to take photos of the said car, unfortunately, the car has no plate number and they did not have a chance to take a photo of the car’s conduction sticker. They are now studying the footages taken by the CCTV’s in the vicinity.
Adriatico sustained a bloody swollen nose. The sports car is still yet to be traced for violating the traffic regulation and abusing a traffic officer.

The news generated various reactions from the netizens. Many voiced out that the driver and all the motorists have no right to hurt any officer. Some also opined that drivers should know the traffic rules and regulations if they do not want to be flagged down. Officers must be respected as they are only trying to do their job, one netizen wrote on the comments section.

The MMDA officer was taken to the East Avenue Medical Center for evaluation and treatment. The police are still on the hunt for the Maserati driver who dragged the MMDA officer along the Quezon Avenue.

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