A Chinese man had bought 99 iPhone 6 thinking that it would pave the way to his girlfriend’s heart and make her give him her hand in marriage as he proposes. Unlike the ideal happy ending in his mind, the girl declined his offer of marriage.

The man was reportedly to have bought the 99 units of iPhone for $82,000 which is worth of his two year salary as a tech programmer. He laid the iPhones, still in their boxes, on a pavement in the shape of the heart. He took the girl in the middle of the heart shaped lined iPhones and with a bouquet of flowers proposed to her. To his surprise, she said no. As if his failure was not enough to break his heart, the photos of his grand proposal circulated first in China’s Weibo and soon reached other countries.

The man was taunted by quite a lot of netizens, saying that he should have just bought a ring or a house. Many also say that the girl was smart and not materialistic.

Man Use 99pcs of iPhone 6 in Marriage Proposal now Trending
While the reason of his girlfriend to decline was not shared to the media, many had shared their opinion. One woman said that the girl might have simply realized that the man was not good with handling finances which is vital for a married life.

Many had said that it is completely useless to buy 99 phones when only one could have made the trick. Some women also chipped in and commented that the man ought to know that diamond is a girl’s best friend.

On a lighter note, many made jokes on the fail proposal. Some say that the girl might be an Android user. A Singaporean joked that the guy had bought the phones in Sim Lim Square where an incident was recently reported about a man crying for an iPhone refund. Whatever the reason of the girl’s decision, many shared the cliché, money can’t buy love.

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