Fast and Furious 7 official trailer is now out online gathering views and catching attention not only because it is the newest instalment of the franchise but also many are excited to see Paul Walker in his last Fast and Furious movie.

Jason Statham will play as Deckard Shaw who will hunt Dominic Toretto’s crew to avenge his brother. The crew will embark to the fast lane once again as they keep each other alive with the help of Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) from the vengeful Shaw. Once again the Fast and Furious had surpassed its last instalment, as this time, cars will be skydiving from planes and it will be packed with heart stopping cliff hangers that won’t let you leave your seats.

One Last Ride of Paul Walker on Fast and Furious 7 Official Movie Trailer
Despite the delay caused by Paul Walker’s tragic death while the movie in the middle of production, the movie is dedicated to make it hit on the coming summer, April 10,2015. The late Paul Walker died in a car crash during a race for a cause dedicated for the Typhoon Yolanda victims. Many had been curious as to how the movie production will move on without one of their main actor. It turns out that the seventh movie instalment won’t let Walker die on screen, instead they will retire him to keep his character alive and give fans the feeling that his legacy will move on.

Director James Wan and writer Chris Morgan had made a way to change some part of the script and use the footage they had filmed with Walker to change the ending and send off O’Connor with a happier end. Many hoped that maybe at least in the world of movies, Walker won’t have to meet a devastation car crash but he will be able to live on with a happy life with his family. Fast and Furious 7 will hit the big screens on April 10,2015.

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