News of Macaulay Culkin’s death had circulated over the internet only for netizens to find out that it is a hoax. Culkin turned out to be currently on tour with his band Pizza Underground.

The child star who rose to stardom after his hit holiday movie, Home Alone, is the newest victim of the internet hoax. News of fake celebrity deaths is not new online but fans of Culkin had cried foul. News broke after a Facebook page dedicated for Culkin’s memorial had surfaced.

According to the Facebook page, the actor died at 11 am on November 7, 2014. Some news even said that he was found in his apartment without any sign of foul play. Apparently, the Facebook page just wanted a lot of comments and likes in its page. The account was later on taken down by an anonymous person.

News About Macaulay Culkin’s Death is a Hoax: Home Alone Kid
Meanwhile, Culkin seemed to take it as a joke and used the Instagram and Twitter to show everyone that he is indeed still alive and currently on tour with his band.

On his band’s official Instagram account, he posted a photo of himself holding a bottle of soda with a caption saying that he is on tour. Seemingly having fun with the fake news of his death, he posted more photos of him and his band. They had a group photo taken on Breaux Bridge, Los Angeles when they had their lunch together.

Culkin may have thought that the hoax was funny but many think otherwise. Eighty- five percent out of 1400 people says that the fake news of Culkin was not even funny according to Celebrity Post.
Nobody may know the real intention behind Culkin’s hoax death but the actor did not seem to mind because in the industry of showbiz, such prank is not new. 

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