Long before the actual launch and availability of Samsung Galaxy S6, speculations on its specs and its release dates to be on either March or April 2015 had been currently circulating the internet. The speculations are based on the cycle Samsung follows every year as they release a new smartphone unit.

Now that Samsung S5 had been recently followed by Galaxy Note 4, many believe that it will only be months before the Korean tech company will unveil the Galaxy S6. According to South Korean news site, Daum, the newest addition to Samsung’s range of flagship will be unveiled around the same month of Mobile World Congress.

Furthermore, Media Daum speculates that the Galaxy S6 has the same HD resolution as the recently released Note 4 which is 2560 × 1440. They also predicted that the rear camera will have 16 MP while the front usually used for selfies with be at 5MP. Fingerprint recognition is still being considered but with a ‘slide up’ feature contrary to Apple’s click to recognition. The processor to be built in the S6 will be a Snapdragon 810.

New Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date, Specs, Price, Video and Photo
With many speculations on how thin the phone might be, some say that it could be nearer to that of Samsung Galaxy Alpha which was built with a metallic frame.

ET news sited that Samsung might use the new technology Universal Flash Storage (UFS) with S6 to top of other smartphone tech companies but rumor has it that Xiaomi eyes the same technology to be added to their new units, speculating that the competition between the two tech giant companies will be intensified in 2015. UFC ensures processing of larger amount of data while consuming smaller amount of battery compared to the eMMC technology which is currently used in smartphones now.

With so many speculations and rumour, Samsung Galaxy S6 will be unveiled next year, and until then nobody is still unsure on its specs, display and even the price.

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