MiPOW launches PowerTube 5200 with Juice Sync to the Philippines in their recently finished exclusive product launch in Manila last November 26, 2014. MiPOW is known for their innovative backup batteries, chargers, headsets and speakers using Bluetooth® wireless technology and their PowerTube 5200 is expected to be of the same quality and style if not better from its predecessors

PowerTube 5200 is compatible with iPhone 5S, iPhone5, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, iPod Touch (5th generation) , and iPod Nano (7th generation) and other smartphones provided that you have a USB cord compatible with your phone. It comes in a box complete with a nylon case to protect the device, a manual that covers everything you have to know, a charging cord you can connect to the PowerTube 5200.

On the right side of the PowerTube 5200, you can find a tiny button that lights up the three small LED lights, provided that the device is turned on. The power button also the switch for its Bluetooth. This shows the user how much charging can it still do for the Apple devices. You can easily push out the Apple Lightning Connector with a thumb.

MiPOW PowerTube 5200 with Juice Sync Review, Price and Specifications
You can charge two devices at a time. You can plug one device to the Apple Lightning Connector then you can use the USB port found on top of the PowerTube 5200 to connect it to another device. If you are to charge a bigger device such as an iPad, it is better to charge it alone so as to maximize its charging capability. With the PowerTube 5200, you can have two full charged smartphones, but this depends on the battery of your device or how much mAh it has.

To charge the PowerTube 5200, connect the charging cord with the male USB connector, then plug the USB to a laptop or a USB wall socket.
MiPOW PowerTube 5200 with Juice Sync Review
With Bluetooth, you can connect PowerTube 5200 with your phone and see how much juice it has left, the battery’s temperature, Battery Alert to know when its battery level is low, Temp Alert to prompt you if it has high temperature and Away Alert to warn you if PowerTube 5200 moves away from your device.

MiPOW PowerTube 5200 Specifications
MiPOW PowerTube 5200 Specifications

  • You can charge more than one device at the same time.
  • The free Juice Sync Smart App makes you see more data about PowerTube 5200 and warns you of the temperature, battery life and even has Away Alert.
  • Compatible with many Apple devices.
  • Has vivid metallic colors of gray, black, pink, red, purple and sapphire.
  • Can also charge Android phones as it has a USB port in which you can easily connect a USB cord compatible to your Android smartphones.

  • Though it is small and handy, it weights around 160 grams. It is small enough for a pocket, laptop bag or purse but weighs a little much.
  • The cable is too short, but it make the device more compact.


PowerTube 5200 is very compact and very easy to use. It can easily fit anywhere and very stylish. Its Cons are fair when it comes to its compact form and what it has to offer. PowerTube 5200 costs Php3,499 and its fair for on the go busy bodies who hates long cords and loves portable gadgets. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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