MiPOW introduced PlayBulb Color to the Philippines as they unveiled the PlayBulb series in their exclusive product launch last November 27, 2014. PlayBulb Color is no ordinary lightbulb as it is a color changing LED light and also a wireless speaker that can be controlled through your smartphone in just one simple free app, PLAYBULB X.

With PLAYBULB X apps than can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play, you can control as much as 5 PlayBulbs simultaneously with the freedom of changing its vivid colors and playing your desired music right at your very fingertips. I love the fact that you can just tap the color you desire in the app and the bulb will follow suit. There is no need to put up with just yellow and white lights if you can change it into any color your mood swings to.

With the app wake up with the music you love to the color which inspires you and sleep with a serene mood without any worries who will turn off of PlayBulb Color in the middle of the night. Set a timer to turn off and on both the lights and music of this amazing innovative bulb.

MiPOW PlayBulb Color Review, Price and Specifications
Be the host of the party that rocks the night and put clubs into shame with PlayBulb Color’s four various light effects: flashing, pulse, rainbow, and rainbow fade or just shake your phone as you dance to change the color as it plays your playlist saved on your phone.

In my opinion, the fact that you can easily use it as it can fit to E26/E27 lamp holder just like any light bulb is very convenient. You can easily attach it to a lampshade and freely control it with your Apple device with Bluetooth 4.0 or your Android device supported by Android 4.3 and higher even if your are 33 feet away.
Very innovative and stylish. MiPOW lives up to their reputation that cost P3,999

MiPOW PlayBulb Color Product Specifications

PlayBulb Color has four main color namely red, blue, green and white. It has LED Power of 15W with current of 0.6A while the voltage ranges with 100 – 240V ~ 50 – 60 Hz. The lumen of 200LM shows the useful light it can emit. It is good that PlayBulb fits with the lamp holder E26 / E27, making it convenient to install. It can be connected with the Bluetooth® version of Bluetooth® 4.0 and Bluetooth® Smart. The bulb can be controlled via Bluetooth even with wireless range of10M (33ft).through PLAYBULB X App Control. It can be supported by devices: iPhone 4S or above, iPad3 or above, iPod 5th generation or above (running iOS7) and Android 4.3 or above (with Bluetooth 4.0).

  • PlayBulb Color is LED that changes color and can play your music with choice.
  • PlayBulb X can be downloaded on both App Store of Apple Inc and Google Play.
  • Has four various light effects
  • Can easily fit with almost any lampshade
  • You can control it even as you are as far as 33 feet
  • Sounds is clear and crisp
  • You can control its dimness and brightness by just swiping your finger on the app.
  • It has Wake Up and Sleep Mode

Cons: (Be noted that we only tested one unit)
  • PLAYBULB X sometimes crashes on my Android smartphone with Android 4.4.
  • If sound had been connected first with Bluetooth, the light access won’t connect.
  • Bluetooth has no security pin/code to make sure that only one phone can access the PlayBulb Color.
  • There are times our PlayBulb Color won’t connect to another phone. You can either factory reset it through the app or unplug the unit.


Very innovative and stylish. MiPOW lives up to their reputation that cost P3,999. If you are a party geek, has many friends who loves music and lights, or a romantic person who loves romantic music to put you to sleep, this is perfect for you.

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