MiPOW, the global leader for providing premium mobile device accessories and authorized manufacturing licensee of Apple Inc., officially released their PlayBulb Series product line at EDSA, Shangri-La on November 26, 2014. With the theme, Light Up Loud, MiPow was excited to unveil PlayBulb Series and a revolutionary power bank for the Filipinos to enjoy both technology and home lifestyle at the same time.

Proudly presenting the first of its kind in the Philippines, PlayBulb series was stylishly presented exclusively right at the front of the invited guests, including our Centertechnews team. True to their ideal of ‘think and make it differently’, the launched products are evidently innovative and unique that techies at heart will refresh their palate for technology.

With their main product evolving around backup batteries, chargers, headsets and speakers using Bluetooth® wireless technology, MiPOW was able to secure various international awards such as European Red-Dot Design Awards, International Forum iF Design Awards, GOOD DESIGN Awards and Macworld Asia The Best Awards since it was founded by Mr. Yeung Wai-yung, Stanley in 2010.

MiPOW Officially Launched PlayBulb Series Product in the Philippines
No wonder they came with ‘Light Up Loud’ as their theme for their launching event, their products not only lighten up the room but also lighten up the mood. Their PlayBulb Series consisted of PlayBulb original, PlayBulb Color, PlayBulb Candle and PlayBulb Rainbow.

PlayBulb original and PlayBulb Color make have the look of an ordinary lightbulb at first glance but it is far from ordinary when it comes to its functions. They portray the perfect balanced between light and sound. Yes, it has speakers.

PlayBulb Candle is the newest part of the series and embodies both colorful and fun life, not to mention that it is the safest candle ever made. PlayBulb Rainbow is a LED bulb that features hundreds of color in just one bulb.
MiPOW, the global leader for providing premium mobile device accessories and authorized manufacturing licensee of Apple Inc
In addition to the PlayBulb Series, MiPow also introduced Juice Sync 5200, the latest in their line up of innovative power banks. It does amazing functions only MiPOW is expected to make into reality.

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The product launch of MiPow on November 26, at EDSA Shangri-La was not only enjoyable for our Certertechnews team, but it was also unforgettable as we witnessed the realization of the future light technology and power banks now at the finger tips of the Filipinos.

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