Microsoft finally joins the the stream of smartbands and unveils their very own wearable device Microsoft Band. Starting on October 31, Microsoft Band will be available to consumers and enjoy moments with comfort and freedom without having to delve with phones in their hands.

As Microsoft Band goes out to the market for $199, it promises innovations and style that won’t get behind. With its TFT color screen that measures 1.4 inch and ten sensors, that can monitor the burned calories, stress level being experienced, heart rate and even the exposure to the sun of the user.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet on what workout would be perfect for you, Microsoft Band can present workouts from certified fitness experts and instructors from Gold’s Gym and Men’s Health.

Microsoft Unveils Wearable Gadget Called Microsoft Band

Containing the service, Microsoft Health from the cloud, it can bring out fitness related platforms in just one device and sync all data from the band. Packed with GPS, it is perfect for fitness geeks as it can easily record your route for walking, running and biking. Runners will love the convenient stop watch and lap timer and they don’t have to take out their phone as they can check notifications, send message and make reminders while on the track.

The adjustable plastic band is so sleek, it can fit with any fitness, casual and formal attire. You can turn on do not disturb mode if you have to silent notifications text messages, call logs and social media updates.

Microsoft promotes Microsoft Band as a device for people who wants to be healthier, for those who wants to be more productive, and the people who wants to stay connected with the people who matters to them. Microsoft aims to show people that moments are not to be lost while people uses their phones.

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