Aiming to help Philippine companies guard their valuable assets, Philippine’s Premiere ICT Distributor MEC Networks Corporation proudly announces their partnership with Bosch, the leading global supplier of Security, Safety and Communications products and systems, on November 19, 2014.

What does this mean? High end security products such as cameras which captures high end footage taken with minimal lighting right at the Filipinos’ fingertips at the most reasonable price in a one stop distributor. This means safety and security for Filipinos like no other.

Behind MEC-Bosch Partnership

Offering intelligent video surveillance and analytic, MEC’s dynamic Physical Security portfolio welcomes Bosch’s offered services and well thought solutions for every need such as IP-based video surveillance systems; access control systems; video client software; and easy access control systems. Bosch does not only offer your usual security intelligence, they do it in style and higher class as they bring out their very own innovations of video verification, starlight technology, dynamic noise reduction, server less technology, and intelligent video analysis. Philippine companies need not go any further for world class security and pay a fortune, the partnership of MEC and Bosch does not only gives the assurance of the top of the line security but also gives the solutions at the lowest price possible.

MEC-Bosch Partnership Launch to Enhance Physical Security System in the Philippines
Eyeing to get their product closer to the Philippine market, according to Matthias Böhm, Country Manager of Bosch Security Systems, Bosch had been looking for a partner that will clearly fit with their high standard criteria which had kept them at the top of their game. MEC had also been looking for innovations to give to the country as they had been known as a distribution company that carries multiple ICT products, solutions, and services in the Philippines. Together, the Bosch and MEC created a partnership which had been formally announced by Merrick Chua, President of MEC Networks Corporation.
Bosch Security Systems had undeniably proven their German innovations had always been one step ahead their competitors. Aiming to globally protect lives, buildings and assets, Bosch developed state of the art IP-solutions, Access Control Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, Fire Detection and Evacuation Systems, Security Management Systems, Public Address and Conference Systems as well as Professional Audio Systems, all of which are designed to minimize your lifetime cost of ownership from their very own plants across the globe. With people’s concern of safety nowadays, Bosch aims to bring the sense of security nearer to the Filipinos by their partnership with MEC. MEC will in turn make sure that the over the edge products of Bosch will be within the reach of the consumers.

Top of the Line Products

Bosch IP Cameras are designed with sophisticated sensors, lenses and processing circuitry which reproduces exactly what the eyes can see. It is like looking around the surrounding with your eyes wide open, guarding your assets without a wink. Flexible access control systems give the workers the freedom to attend to their responsibilities without worrying about uninvited guests and businesses from property and information theft.

Simple to install, Bosch Video Client (BVC) software is also easy to configure and intuitive to use. Delivered free-of-charge with all Bosch IP cameras, this system is ideal for installations of up to 128 IP channels, including retail stores and gas stations, among other applications.
Access Easy Control System uses a host of security features such as CCTV integration, video verification and intrusion monitoring without letting go of the simplicity and spontaneous control.
CEnterTechNews representatives had the privilege to witness the power of Bosch’s innovative starlight technology that was able to capture images as if you are seeing the image in real time and not through the camera’s lenses. Colors are captured vividly by the high end camera despite the limitations of lighting in the area showing the true power of Bosch’s German technology.

With the internationally known German quality, Bosch is expected to deliver only the best products to the country hand in hand with MEC’s expertise distributorship developed over the span of more than two decades serving from their partners in cascading security solutions to end-users across the country.

Read more on MEC Official Press Release here.

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