Round 1: Algieri showed much movement around the ring. Many of the analysts did not like this kind of his style. He made limited engagements and Pacquiao got the better of him most of the time. Not much of hard punched people are looking forward to.

Round 2: Algieri went down after receiving power punch from PacMan. The referre decided to call it a knockdown.

Round 3 ended with scorecard 30-26 still ib favour of PacMan.

Round 4 Pacquiao tries to close the gap as Algieri has lobger reach than him. Manny focuses on Algieri's body

Currently scorecard still in Pacquiao's side.

The crowd cheering loudly for PacMan.

Live Results Pacquiao vs Algieri Round by Round Updates

Round 5 ended with unofficial score of 50-44

Pacquiao with combination of body and head aiming to knock AlgieriRound 5 ended

Pacquioa aimed for mid section as he shortens the gaps

Pacquioa aimed for mid section as he shortens the gapn

Round 6 Algieri down after a left given by Pacquiao.

Hard left from Pacquiao earbed him more cheers from the crowd as Algieri tumbled down.

Three knockdowns scored against Algieri.

Pacquiao continues to give gaps toward Algieri's face.

Round 7 Powerful shots continues to fire away.

Pacquiao punching on Algieri's mid section.

Algieri tries to throw punches now in different style but still fails to get over PacMan

Algieri is unto jabs and one punch on the body

Round 8 Punches keeps on getting harder. More jabs and one punches

Round 9 Algieri down again in 9th round.

Six knockdowns are all accounted for

Referee seemed to have saved Algieri from another tumble

Last 30 seconds of 9th round was used by PacMan to bring down Algieri.

Round 10 Algieri down once again.

Cross punches from PacMac and left power punches put Algieri to the canvass

Round 11 PacMan was able to block jabs from Algieri

Manny's left keeps on landing on Algieri

Algieri kept under attack by PacMan

Algieri kept under attack by PacMan

Pacquiao seemed to be still in his rhythm with controlled punches

The 11th round is still for Pacquiao

Round 12 Algieri's corner kept on cheering him.

Manny seemed to be calm and patient for the last round

Manny gave more punches

More combos landed on Algieri before the bell rang.

Unofficial score on 110-93 in favor of Pacquiao

Manny WINS by unanimous decision

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