Lenovo acquires Motorola as the newest part of their firm and had been transformed to be the third largest OEM in India shoving Xiaomi down to the 4th place. For the past two years, Motorola had focused on the consumer service, making it more popular as it brings mobile internet readily available to most of the people. With its innovation and superb quality service, they aim for far better consumer experience.

Strategically merging with Lenovo, the two united companies aim to bring to the market more innovative smartphones, wearable devices and PCS with over the edge value and more choices built for the evolving needs of the people. The newly merged companies look forward to bringing their top rated products globally.

Lenovo Acquires Motorola and Transformed as the Third Largest OEM in India

Motorola will continue to propel DROID and Moto franchises while Lenovo will wholly own the brand as it remains in Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The brand will keep the offices in certain areas such as the Silicon Valley while continuing with Android handsets and and fast upgrades. They are committed to develop more solutions to address consumer concerns, make more innovative mobile devices and bring out the most desired handsets with choices to fit the consumers’ lifestyle with value and quality at the most competitive prices.

Motorola is a company that had set trend on mobile industry and communication aspects. And though Lenovo is announced to be completely in its ownership, the two companies are said to function individually. Motorola hopes to get back on tracks and move forward in developing fresh ideas to change their play in the industry.

While Lenovo plans to move in India with the same market plan that they had used in other countries, Motorola will be expected to continue moving up as they had been more than 2 million units of their Moto series at competitive prices. The newly merged companies aim to sell 100 million handsets by March 2015.

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