Leica Camera AG reveals a new camera system, Leica T camera system, with design and handling in an entirely new and innovative concept that merges the fine art of engineering and hand-crafted excellence. Leica T camera system had been developed with perfection in mind, giving birth to an exquisite finish only Germany knows how to make as they has been known for precise, high-performance lenses, exceptional versatility and particularly intuitive handling.

Working head to head with AUDI Design, the Leica cameras’ design came out with clean lines, smooth surfaces and formal minimalism. Made from a premium quality single block of aluminium at the Leica factory and with elaborate manufacturing process, the Leica T gives the users the assurance of solidity and stability.

The touchscreen display generates a bright and clear image that allows precise and reliable assessment. By just touching the screen, the user can do numerous functions in capture and playback mode. The MyCamera menu of the Leica T boasts with greater flexibility, even for spontaneous snapshot situations, and can be configured and programmed with settings to meet the user’s own personal requirements. The photographers can focus on the image and easily tinker with it as they can quickly access frequently used features and presets.

Leica Reveals New Leica T Camera System: A Hand-Crafted Excellence

Integrated Wi-Fi module, the Leica T makes it possible to smoothly and quickly transfer file images and videos from the camera to smartphones, PC and tablets and can be easily uploaded to social media or be shared though email. A free Leica App T for iOS has been made available to unlock a remote function to access an electronic viewfinder for the Leica T and other functions such as remote setting of the shutter speed and aperture values, making it perfect for capturing images in unusual angles and self-timer.

With such a perfect camera comes the thought for its protection, with this in mind,  Leica Snap T for the front of the camera provides optimum protection against scratches and inadvertent knocks. Leica T package also includes digital image processing software that can be downloaded for free after registering the camera in Leica website. Leica T camera system is the key for the most innovative photographer’s experience without losing the essential core of photography itself.

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