KingCom Thunder dB: Zeus Bluetooth Headset is the newest flagship of KingCom accessories that shows their love for the music lovers. Aiming to give their users a higher notch of listening experience, KingCom Zeus Bluetooth Headset is developed with the quality and top performance to be delivered to the users.

Design and Built

This headset is inspired by the theory of color music which talks about how humans relate the music they listen to with a certain color, thus it comes in four vivid colors; cozy yellow, majestic pink, magical blue and green. The green one fits my personality well and if you are a type of person who loves to express himself with colors and fashion I’m sure one of these colors choices will fit you well. The band was crafted with two coated and two grilled procedure, ensuring an unfading color of the piano paint to last years.

The foldable and stretchable stainless steel band and ear pads was said to surpass the quality test of being bended and folded 5000 times. After using it, I can just fold it and put it in a black pouch that comes with it free of charge, then I can stash it in my backpack not worrying if it will be scratched.

They fit snugly on my head and won’t budge despite me moving around the house or walking around the malls. It fits smoothly and coordinately with my head even as I turn my head either to the left or right making the sound quality intact.
If it is comfort you are looking for as a music lover who uses headsets for hours, try out the ear pads used in the Zeus Bluetooth Headset. It is said to be made from artificial protein leather that gives the feel of being touched by baby’s skin. The ear cups perfectly fit around my ears.

Key Features

All of the buttons are found on the right speaker, including the LED indicator, microphone and the charging jack. The on/off switch is small enough to go unnoticed but can be easily fumbled with the thumb. When turned on, the headset will fire up a sound indicator and the LED will blink with blue light.
Volume up and down is stiff enough to give you the impression of being pressed. A long press will induce a short beep sound to tell you that it had went up or down a notch. There are 15 volume levels ensuring that you will have your preferred volume as you listen to your favorite song. Out of 15 volume levels, I prefer using only five. As you might ask the importance of 15 volume levels, it is simply to give you the option to put your phone default volume level at its minimum while you can still increase the volume of the headset to have your preferred volume level as you listen to your playlist. Simply put, you can adjust the volume of this headset without changing the volume setting of your phone or any device connected to it.
A long high pitched beep will tell you that you had reached the maximum volume and a low pitched sound will indicate that you had reached the minimum volume. The volume buttons can also be pressed to move up and down the track list. It waits a sec to change to the next or previous song after pressing the button.

Multifunction Button (MF Button) must be pressed for a few seconds to be detected by the phone or any pairing device because Zeus Bluetooth Headset can also be paired with a tablet, PC and laptop. I can conveniently use my green Zeus Bluetooth Headset for Skype without worries of tangling any wires. When pairing the LED light will blink with red and blue light.
MF Button can also be used to answer a call, hang up, and reject a call. I can do voice dialing by pressing MF Button for 2 seconds. For last call dialing MF Button must be double clicked. I like the fact that I can easily open my track list and start playing a song just by pressing MF Button. These feature works only on selected devices. Of course you can use the flat button to pause and play the song you are listening to as most of the Bluetooth headsets do.

Sound Quality

The sound chamber structure of speaker is superb. It gives clear and crisp sounds that makes up a high level of music experience like no other. As I expected, it is normal for Bluetooth devices like Zeus Bluetooth Headset which don’t have the buttons to control the bass level of the music have a bit louder bass than usual.
KingCom Zeus Thunder dB Bluetooth Headset Sound Quality

Battery Performance

Loaded with enough juice to last 36 hours of nonstop music to dive into various genre of songs such as POP, ballad, rock, metallica and more. On standby, the battery power is built to have the ability to last for almost 2 months. The first time that I got it, it took me a week to drain the battery with an average use of 5 to 6 hours of music madness each day. For me this proves that KingCom is still the best when it comes to quality batteries.

What’s inside the box?

The box contains a Thunder dB: Zeus Bluetooth Headset that comes with a free pouch to protect the device from scratches, a user manual and a USB cable with which you can easily connect to any PC and laptop to juice up the battery.


Zeus Bluetooth Headset has quality sounds and very light for travel especially as I use public transport. I have less hassle as it can connect with my phone as far as 10 meters away, given that there will be no wall in between. The color fits me well and I could freely immerse myself into my favorite songs freely with any of my devices with supported by Bluetooth. The experience is superb and enjoyable.

KingCom Zeus Thunder dB Bluetooth Headset Technical Specification
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V4.0
Frequency range: 2.4GHz- 2.48GHz
Operating distance: 10m ( free space)
Talking/music- playing time: about 36 hours
Standby time: up to 1600hrs
Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Frequency response: 20Hz- 20kHz
Operating temperature: -10 to 50 degree C

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