KingCom S!gma Stone is finally introduced in the Philippine market and as the front runner of KingCom a lot of expectations had been put up on it. Is it able to meet up those expectations?

Design and Display

The shape is like a regular candy bar shape, only with sharper edges. You can find the charging and earphones dock sitting on top of it while the bottom only had a strategically placed microphone on the right side. This is quite smart enough if it is put in your pocket upside down (which most of us might be doing), less opening will be exposed to the dirt and dust.

The side has thin metal spines screwed into place to make sure that it won’t bend easily during heavy use or if it put in a pocket. The sleek design even lets the phone glides around the jean pockets. The right side has the on/off button while the left has two buttons. One is for volume up while the other is for volume down.

KingCom S!gma Stone Performance In-Depth Review
As promised, the battery back cover is quite thin and flexible. It has artistically been engraved with what seemed to be tiny pin pricks and sports the S!gma Stone logo at the middle lower part. KingCom’s name sits just under the flash with a shade of silver.
The front is very simple and sleek. It does not bear any name at the front as KingCom might want their phone to be only all about quality and not about the name. The ear piece looked like a small metal bar over the edge. Front camera is found on the upper left corner. Home key, back and windows are placed at the bottom thought not brightly lit but enough to be seen especially not too bright if used at night.


Specially built in rear camera has a staggering 13MP that promises clear photos. The front cam has 5MP and can be zoomed in. The built in photo effects are very useful for editing captured photos and adding a touch of artistry.


I was excited to test the S!gma Stone’s durability when it comes to its battery power since KingCom is known for their high quality battery. Here are the results based on tests from 100% fully charged battery up to 1%.
  • For standby, S!gma Stone was able to stay on for an average of six days. 
  • For continuous music playing in full volume, it turned out to be able to stay up for 26 hours.
  • For video playing, battery withstand for 7 hours at 0 volume.
  • For YouTube streaming via WiFi, it withstood for 4.5 hours at 0 volume
  • It charges for 3 hours from 0% to 100 %

Game Apps

Upon testing, I am able to install and run the following high end game apps like Asphalt 8, Need for Speed, Subway Surf, Minion Rush, and Temple Run 2.
Upon playing Asphalt 8, I didn’t experience any noticeable lags. However, with the Need for Speed, I had came across some instances that the car was hard to control such as a small tilt turns the car sharply. With Subway Surf, Temple Run 2 and Minion Rush, minimal lags were experienced, as we know these game apps had already received some reports of incompatibilities for various units.

AnTuTu Benchmark

Is an Android Benchmarking App that is very comprehensive and useful especially when you are looking for a new phone and has no idea where to begin. This app looks into the phone’s CPU Integer Performance, RAM test, CPU Pointing Point Performance, Memory Performance, SD card read-write speed, and Database Input and output (I/O). Each item is assessed and given a score then it ranks your device among other Android devices.
I had installed AnTuTu Benchmark in S!gma Stone and it came up with the score of 17,916. According to AnTuTu Benchmark, S!gma Stone’s CPU is good and able to support large apps and multitasking. Its RAM ranked as excellent and its 2D graphics is good. The 3D graphics of S!gma Stone is general and is able to support most games.


After using S!gma Stone for more than 2 weeks, I can say that S!gma Stone’s connectivity is good in general. The Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS are all working as expected. Texting, calling and video calling can all be done with ease. Understandably, network signal from your choice of service provider varies leading to various outcomes for the qualities of voice calls.

At the price of Php 6,888, KingCom S!gma Stone is simply worth the money. With 13MP of rear camera, sleek design, IPS high quality display, and usable internal storage of 6GB, it is surely worth the price.

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