Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga send a hidden message for Naruto in its 766th chapter entitled ‘Smile’. Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto has its last two chapters on its way before it finally says goodbye to its fans that had loved the playful ninja turned hero for 15 years. The news of the said hidden message in One Piece did not fail to make fans of both mangas to be excited.

As seen in the first page of the 766th chapter of One Piece manga, Nami is wearing a dress filled by the Konoha’s symbol. A fox eating ramen with Luffy is wearing a shirt with a drawing of a fish cake that is called ‘naruto’ in Japanese. Luffy seemed to be enjoying his very own ramen with his visitor wearing a jumpsuit very well known to be in orange color. Nami is covering the face of their visitor, yet fans won’t think twice that it is indeed Naruto chatting with the famous aspiring King of Pirates.

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece Manga 766th Chapter Send Hidden Message for Naruto
On the banner, one will easily see that the ‘O’ in One Piece changed into Naruto’s very famous spiral emblem and which is also Konoha’s symbol. The ‘I’ which usually depicts the silhouette of Luffy was changed to Naruto’s shadow complete with shuriken and forehead protector with the famous hairstyle of the future seventh Hokage.’ Na-ru-to, otsu-kare san de-shi-ta’ will be read in the Japanese menu found all over the page. The Japanese phrase means ‘Naruto, good job after working so long’ or ‘Naruto, thank you for your hard work’ Fans consider the message as a proper tribute for the Naruto manga that had brought life to many movies and spin off TV series.

Naruto’s upcoming movie ‘The Last’ will be on screen on December 8 in Japanese theatres. Many speculate that the movie will show Kakashi as the 6th hokage followed by Naruto as the 7th. Naruto manga in turn put Luffy’s crew symbol ‘Jolly Roger’ in his forehead protector which will be seen at the back of the manga. Many think it is nice to see two manga authors acknowledge each other.

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