News of Ebola finally reaching Philippines and infecting residents of various cities in Metro Manila had been spreading in various social media. Viral.Ninja is the site behind this hoax that can cause panic to unsuspecting citizens.

According to Viral.Ninja, a certain unnamed town in Quezon City is under high alert of Ebola virus and a total of 22 had already been confirmed to have tested positive of the viral infection. Furthermore, it says that the residents are on high alert and urged to remain indoors and be kept undated. The site also asks people to share the information to as many people as possible.

Is also says that an unnamed local hospital was shut down because of the virus that came from four passengers from Liberia. The news is a hoax and the government officials never confirmed any part of it. The spread of Ebola virus in the country is being feared by any and such news can cause unnecessary panic it not a national problem.

Ebola Finally Reaching Various Cities in Metro Manila, Philippines is a Hoax News
The hoax news also named Taytay as an area infected by Ebola yet, if the link accompanying the image is clicked, the user will be taken to the same news about the spread of virus in Quezon City. 

Ebola virus can be spread trough direct contact with the body secretions of the infected person. Certain signs and symptoms are but not limited to fever, aches, diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, rash, chest pain, difficulty of swallowing and breathing and bleeding. There are also some health problems that may have the same signs and symptoms as the Ebola. The Department of Health is still trying to orient more health workers and the citizens to prevent the entrance and spread of the virus in the country.

While many speculates on the readiness of the Department of Health and hospitals to combat the virus and prevent the spread of the infection if not the entry, such hoax news has no help with the matter. People should check first the information posted online before sharing and believing in it.

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