McDonald’s Philippines had finally released their statement regarding a complaint filed by a customer upon finding a live worm enclosed in her cheeseburger ordered from McDonald’s Davao branch. Nikki Vea filed the complaint in a police station after she had discovered that the thing that had fallen off her half eaten burger turned out to be a worm.

McDonald’s revealed that the incident had already been taken notice in the management and is now currently under investigation. They assured the customers that their stores had been implementing strict guidelines with their suppliers and partners when it comes to sanitation. A series of internal and third party food safety and sanitation checks is being done to make sure that they always meet the global standards of cleanliness, safety and quality of their products.

The McDonald’s Philippine management informed the media that the incident which happened on November 14, 2014 involving a foreign object found in one of their served burgers in undergoing investigation.

Earth Worm Allegedly Found on McDonald Cheese Burger
PHOTO CREDIT: Ang Balitang Davao
Meanwhile in a separate incident, Susan Longuinsa shared her fear that she might have eaten half of the alleged live worm after she had seen a worm in her own burger. She immediately filed a report  to San Pedro Police Station.
The issue of alleged use of McDonald’s of worm to make burger patties had been met head on by the management as they allowed a third party TV crew to view their facilities which make their patties with cattle meat. The rumours had been circulating for some time but the company had shared that the use of ‘pink slime’ had been discontinued since 2011. They also disclosed that azodicarbonamide (ADA) is also use for their buns.

The incident in McDonald’s Bajada in Davao had already reached Davao City Health Office and the Bureau of Food and Drugs and is now under their investigation. References: thedailypedia

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