Discovery once more will go to the extreme and this time, a man will accept the challenge to be eaten alive by an anaconda. Paul Rosolie is a naturalist and wildlife filmmaker who will try to be a tasty snack devoured by the giant snake and will be viewed on ‘Eaten Alive’ in Discovery.

Rosolie will be wearing a special suit custom made to be snake proof complete with a camera and a rope that they can easily pull to take him out. With two teasers released by Discovery shows a taste of the difficult journey taken by Rosolie and the rest of the team as they thread through uncharted parts of the Amazon.

Discovery Channel Accepts the Challenge to be Eaten Alive by an Anaconda
As they ventured to find the dangerous beast, the team encountered various challenges before they found the anaconda. As if finding it not challenging enough, Rosolie will brave to get inside the giant snake. Wrapped with pig’s blood, he tried to be an irresistible snack for the snake. Viewers will be left hanging by the teaser as to what will happen next will only be revealed on December 7, 2014.

Rosolie wrote a book about the his adventures in Western Amazon. Last year, the same stunt had been attempted by a famous TV network but failed to put it out on screen.

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