Carmudi brings the online car selling and buying into a whole new level as they relaunch their website in the Philippines on November 25, 2014 at R Space Events Place in Makati. Aiming to bring the fresh experience of selling and buying cars online, Carmudi is dedicated to give their best when it comes to online car buy and sell business.

Why use Carmudi’s service for selling your car? Well, the first things you must know is that their service is free. You own the the car and you put it in their showroom available for any potential buyers to gain interest. Another advantage is that their site is open 24/7. It is like having a salesman wait for a buyer right beside your car and the soonest that a buyer confirms interest, they will not only email you, but will also send a text message for you to be notified as soon as possible.

Seller’s don’t have to worry about slow internet connection as the site was designed for countries with sloe internet service. It will only take two minutes to post an add and reach millions of potential buyers and one of them might be looking for your car at this very minute.

Carmudi Website Relaunch to Brings Online Car Selling and Buying into Whole New Level
Why use Carmudi’s site when looking for a perfect car? It is very fast and can easily give recommendations that exactly fit your preferences. There will be no more awkward moments when a salesman keeps on following you and urging you to buy a car you are not sure about. While they cater for people who had preferences on the size, brands and type of a car, Carmudi makes sure that it will also fit your lifestyle.

With thousands to choose from in their 60 showrooms, there will be a car waiting to satisfy your needs and wants. Browse at your own leisure at the comfort of your own house and let Carmudi do what they do best, hooking you up with the best deal faster than you can imagine.

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