A Chinese teacher caught the attention of netizens after her photos were uploaded online accompanied by the fact that nobody sleeps in her class not because of her strictness but rather because of her goddess- like beauty. Ms. Deng Yuanyuan is a middle school teacher and was hired by a school in Jinlin since 2012.

Many had been curious as to how she had been keeping a record of no student had ever slept in her class, yet when one sees her photos, you will easily understand how the Biology teacher keeps her class interesting for the teens.

Don’t judge the book by the cover though, because beauty is not the only thing this 5’9” lady has to give in her class. She is also famous in the school because of her ability to teach her lessons very well. Students acknowledge her intelligence on her subject and how she was able to help her students understand it.

Chinese Teacher with Goddess-Like Beauty named Deng Yuanyuan now Trending

In some photos found online, Ms. Deng is seen helping her students with various experiments and teaches them how to use microscopes. With her classy outfit and smartness, her students respect her and even shared how proud they are to be in her class. While the education format varies in different countries, it is unclear as to what grade level this model-like is teaching.

Some netizens shared their thoughts. A man even left a comment saying that he would gladly go back to school if he will have such a teacher. Others express their envy over the students she had been teaching.

The beautiful middle school teacher was said to be also close to her students both to females and males alike. She was said to be good in what she teaches and does well in explaining her lessons. She must be what other might say beauty and brains.

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