It’s Showtime co-host and actress Anne Curtis decided to make a vlog entry in her official YouTube channel to share her nine favorite quotes in different accents. Many liked her creativity as she shared the quotes in witty and adorable way. The actress said that she decided to deliver each one in silly and nonsensical styles.

Complete with simple props, Anne got into character and recited each of her favorite inspirational quotes of Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Coco Chanel, Dr. Seuss, Walt Disney, Marilyn Monroe, and Maya Angelou delivered in various accents such as Thai, Italian, French, British, Australian, and others.

Trending Anne Curtis Recited Her Favorite Inspirational Quotes in Different Accents on Viral Videos

While some say that Anne did well with the accents, other expressed their concern that Anne should be careful when imitating accents as she might also be bashed like what happened in 2010 to a Korean actress who was bashed by Filipinos after she had imitated the Filipino’s accent when speaking English. Many say that Ann was adorable and seemed cute.

Anne’s almost two-minute video was posted on November 4, 2014 in her official YouTube channel, Anne PH which already has more than 16 thousand subscribers.

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