A fifth grader gave birth to her baby boy via normal delivery in Dr. Dr. Rafael S. Tumbukon Memorial Hospital on November 3, 2014 in Aklan. The 12 year old girl was thought to have tumor at first as said by her mother and they even took her to a spiritual healer.

According to her parents, the girl did not even seemed to be pregnant. They thought that she just gained weight but her stomach seemed to be bigger and she was just experiencing normal stomach pains. Thinking that it is a tumor as said by the spiritual healer, they opted to asked for the medical opinion in the hospital. They were shocked to find out that their daughter was 8 months pregnant.
The girl was able to get out of the hospital while her baby was left in the care of Intensive Care Unit as the child was born premature. The family was still unable to identify the father of the baby.

A 12-year-old Girl Fifth Grader Gave Birth to a Baby Boy via Normal Delivery

The 12 year old girl is fourth among five children in the family and her father works as a mason. The birth of the baby was a complete surprise and the identity of the father was yet to be known.

Kalibo Philippine National Police (PNP) and  Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) are working together to find the father of the baby. They are investigating the case and are now looking to different angles that lead to the pregnancy of the minor. The 12 year old is still undergoing medical tests.

In 2007 a nine year old girl gave birth in Bulacan. Then in 2010 a girl gave birth to a baby fathers by her own father. She filed a case against him despite her mother convincing her to drop the case. Teenage pregnancy is a growing problem in the country. Reference: abs-cbn

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