Overseas Filipino Workers has voiced out their argument against the integration of terminal fees with the plane tickets. According to the #noto550 coalition, OFWs had done enough sacrifice being far from their family and country and now one of their few benefit had been denied from them.

Manila International Airport Authority said that the new scheme is made to answer the problem with airport congestion. Many had been against it, including OFW groups. Rep. Roy Seneres intervened with its implementation leading to its temporary postponement from October 1 to November 1.

Here's Why Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) Against the Integration of Terminal Fees with Plane Tickets

The #noto550 coalition is against the scheme with the following reasons:

1. Travel agencies and airline offices based in other countries do not recognize the Philippine law that OFWs must be exempted from the fee as admitted bi MIAA. This leads to a situation wherein OFWs can only be exempted if their tickets would be purchased in Philippines since travel agencies and airline ofices in Philippines recognize OECs issued by POEA as the basis of OFW exemptions. This would be unfair to those working abroad since their benefit is gone.

2. The terminal fees are bound to be shouldered by the OFWs as their foreign employers would charge them of the extra fee. This might gain negative reaction from their employers. This is againts the Migrant Workers’ Act wherein states that they must be exempted from the fee.

3. While MIAA assures a refund for OFWs, the process they had given is too much troublesome since they have limited time in the country. Most OFWs would rather spend more time with their love once.

4. OFWs also asked of the legality of a creation of a trust fund of the MIAA that would hold the refunds that were not claimed. Lito Soriano, leader of a recruitment agency, believed that the fund could easily reach millions since the limited stay for OFWs would make them just spend time with their family. Furthermore, there are questions as to the legal basis of the said fund.

5. OFWs also questions the said move of MIAA when they had not consulted the OFW communities abroad.

The scheme will be implemented on November 1 but still OFW groups are against it. Reference: abs-cbnnews

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