Fasten your seatbelt and delve into the magic ride as you join the adventures of a lightbulb, a picture frame and a simcard as they discover the mystery of Wally Watthead and his Lost Glow on stage of PETA Theater Center. A treat prepared by the world famous magician Janne Raudaskoski and his team for the families, it is something that had never been experienced in the country.

Meet Wally Watthead a lightbulb joined by his best buddy Simon the Simcard and Polly the Picture, the leading lady, as they embark into the mysterious question of ‘where did Wally’s light go?’.
Wally Watthead to be played by Janne Raudaskoski will surely mesmerize the children and kids at heart as he levitates, shrinks and grows right on their very eyes. Internationally known not only of his finest magic tricks, Raudaskoski also acts onstage with various combinations of magic, clowning, mime, black light theatre, video, and other special effects.

Watch 'Wally Watthead and His Lost Glow' - Finland's Amazing Magic Performance at PETA Theater on Nov 14, 2014

Played by Tuija Nuojua Raudaskoski, Polly the Picture is a screen-projected character while Simon the Simcard is an interactive macscot-like robot voiced over by Jonathan Hutchings.

A real professional in his field, the Finnish and Nordic champion in magic, Raudaskoski had also done a magic theater performance ‘The Outsider’ especially written for teens and adults.

Wally Watthead and His Lost Glow, as his first solo production, is especially created by Raudaskoski to give an unforgettable magical experience for every member of the family regardless of age.
Finland’s Amazing Magic Theater’s Wally Watthead and his Lost Glow will fill the PETA Theater Center with magic

Finland’s Amazing Magic Theater’s Wally Watthead and his Lost Glow will fill the PETA Theater Center with magic, fun and awe on November 14-16 and 21-23 every 10 am and 3pm. VIP tickets cost 800Php while the regular ticket is 600Php that can be availed just by calling ticket World at 891-999 or  going to You can also feel free and contact PETA Theater Center at 725 – 6244 loc 21-23, 0915-4933728 or send an email to

Don’t miss the chance to have that magical family bonding before the year ends and make wonderfully awesome memories that will be for keeps forever.

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