iPhone 6 #Hairgate issue is circulating around the social medias after an iPhone 6 user had posted a complain about his hair being yanked in the phone. Apparently, there are reports that the micro seam between the glass and the aluminum case is catching hair follicles.

The is said to happen after the users use their phones to call. Many had speculated about the reasons as to how a hair could get stuck on the gap. While some say users say that it never happens to them, a few had posted photos of their iPhones with a hair stuck on them.

As a response, Mashable had posted a video on their YouTube account where they asked people to try the hairgate issue. The people who tried the test have all different hairstyles and the men have various length of beard. The test proved to be negative and Mashable stated that this is not an issue like the bendgate.

The Truth Revealed about iPhone 6 #Hairgate Issue wherein Hair has been Yanked in the Phone

Infowars also posted and video that puts hairgate in a different perspective. In their YouTube account TheAlexJonesChannel, Joe Biggs shared that the issue is mind blowing. It could either be an incident in the manufacturing stage or a plan to get a sample of people’s DNA. He also showed an iPhone with a hair follicle stuck in it.

While many people had speculated that bendgate is a big issue since some say that Apple’s new iPhone installment can not stand the pressure on the jeans pockets, many also say that this new issue called hairgate is not something as big.

While the users who experienced bendgate and hairgate are posting the photos of their phones in various social media, Apple has in fact a 30 day policy where you can return the phone if you are not satisfied with it.

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