A young lady was chased along the Roxas Boulevard and was dragged by her own father to the Manila Bay on October 16. The 12 year old girl was hit by a stick by her own father after he had dragged he by the hair.

The incident happened in Bay Walk along Roxas Blvd. Near the US Embassy. The people falling in line for their US Visa had clearly seen the incident but could not do anything because the father chased her until the bay.

The father hit the girl and tried to drown her for a couple of times for almost five minutes. The girl cried and pleaded for her father to stop but to no avail. Soon, a security aide of a congressman could not take it anymore. He went out of the embassy and asked the father to stop.

Watch Video of 12 year old Girl Hit by Her Own Father at Roxas Boulevard, Manila Bay

The father would not heed to the security aide until a weapon was shown to him. The father and daughter went to the shore. The father said that he is only disciplining his child and he was not attempting to drown her.

The tearful girl had said that she had been hurt by her parents since the night before. While she said she had been helping her family to get by, she denied using any addictive solvent. According to the police and barangay officials, there was report in their office about the incident.

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