As expected by many, the fight between Nonito Donaire vs Nicholas Walters had indeed ended up with a hard knockout, and to the Filipino’s shock, it was Donaire who caved in the fight on October 19, 2014. The action packed fight as it lived up with the viewer’s expectations, it ended in the sixth round when Donaire was lost with a technical knockout.

Being the Filipino Flash, it is indeed a bitter lost as it is the first one that tarnished his record of no lost by knock out. With this win, Nicholas Walters earns the WBA world featherweight title. His current record is a clean slate of 25-0 with 21 wins via knock out.

The first round had started with the two fighters being cautious with their moves and finding their rhythms. Soon Donaire let go some jabs in the second round. Walters had also let gave a few jabs but was met by the famous left hook of the Filipino Flash.

Watch Video Highlights: Nicholas Walters Wins Over Nonito Donaire via Knock-out Punch

Round three came in and Walters did not wait any longer to give Donaire a taste of his powerful fists. Donaire had given a good fight, able to give back some punches until he was caught by Walter’s right uppercut straight to his chin, making him drop in the ring.

During the fourth round, Donaire seemed to be passive, though blood started to drip from the op of his right eye. In round five, both had seemed to give all of their energy as they are determine to prove their worth for the title. It was in 2:59 mark of sixth round when Donaire was hit on the right side of the head. He dropped face first with people shock upon witnessing the end of the fight in just six rounds.

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