A two year old boy was found out to have a fetus inside his stomach. The boy who lives with his parents in Panda, Antique, needed to have a surgery to be able to survive and live a normal life.

In was in July 2014, when the doctors discovered the fetus inside the boy. The boy had difficulty breathing and walking because of the size of the fetus. His parents are asking for donations and help for him to have the necessary surgery. The boy’s case is know as ‘fetus in fetu’.

Fetus in fetu is a very rare condition when a twin had envelope his or her twin inside her own body during the early stage of pregnancy. This usually happens with identical twins. The fertilized egg is suppose to divide into two, however, in fetus in fetu, the division of the fertilized egg is not perfect.

Watch Video of a 2-Year-Old Boy Have Fetus Inside His Stomach Know as ‘Fetus in Fetu’

One fetus is trapped inside the other in the very early stage of pregnancy. In some, it takes months or years to identify that such is the case. About 90% of these cases are discovered during the 18th month of the host twin such as the case of the boy in Antique. The enveloped fetus becomes a parasite inside the twin’s body, using the body’s blood supply and nutrients to be able to survive.

There are also some known instances that the fetus in fetu has been discovered during the adulthood of the host twin, with doctors thinking that the parasite twin is a tumor. According to experts, fetus in fetu occurs in 1 out of every 500 thousand births.

The boy needs help as his health condition worsens everyday without the surgery. His parents are appealing for help for his survival.

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