Lewis Hilsenteger of YouTube’s Unbox Therapy is back with another intriguing video and this time, it is unboxing Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 and trying to end the speculations if the ‘gapgate’ is real. In just two days, the video was viewed for almost 300 thousand times and still catching more attention.

Due to the public demands, Hilsenteger unboxed the Korean version of the Note 4 since the version of the phone won’t be available until October 17 in USA. He had a card ready to test if there is really a gap at the top of the screen and its body that is bid enough for a card to fit in.

Hilsenteger shared that he had never thought nor heard of a gapgate issue before on previous gadgets and this was the first time he tested a phone for this issue. The unit in his hand did not have much of a gap between the metal bend frame and the screen. He was unable to insert a standard card in the gap, however, he was able to put in a very thin paper. He voiced out that he is still not sure if it is an actual serious issue, so he still has to do some test with it.

Watch Unboxing Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 and Gapgate Test

Recently, online social medias were on fire about Apple’s ‘bendgate’ issue. A few days after the release of iPhone 6 Plus together with the iPhone 6, some reported that biigest iPhone created by Apple Inc bends easily bends with pressure.

For the sake of the issue, Hilsenteger bent his very own iPhone 6 Plus. People accused him of falsifying the results, so he then uploaded an uncut video of bending a new iPhone 6 Plus in the midst of eyewitnesses. The bend phone’s scree even got loose from its body.

As for the bend test for Note 4, he still wanted to do some test prior bending the handset since the previous bendtests that he did resulted to some ‘gruesome affairs’.

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