Tanya Diaz, a 27-year old rock star from Mandaluyong City surprised the audience and judges with her outstanding performance. Aside from being the second artist to enter the Blind Audition of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2, Tanya’s inspiration was her late brother who was also a musician. Tanya came from a family of music lovers and instrumentalists. She was greatly influenced by The Beatles and other related artists that helped her discover her musical genre.

At the first few notes of Tanya’s performance of “What About Love” two of the judges turned their chairs instantly, followed by another two in the middle of the song. Tanya was the first ever artist in The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 to become a 4-chair turner.

Watch Tanya Diaz Sings 'What About Love' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition

The coaches were screaming while Tanya was singing and they did their best in order to convince the artist to join their team. Coach Sarah even prepared a banner with text “I Want You On My Team” but it did not work. In the end Tanya became a member of Camp Kawayan and Bamboo was not expecting it.

Bamboo was so happy for Tanya’s decision and being an official member of Coach Bamboo’s team, she is dedicated to doing her best in order to have a more “excellent” performance on the next round of the competition.

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