A new prank video of Chainsaw Massacre had been circulating over the internet since it was posted on October 15, 2014. The video already gathered more than 18.8+ million views.

Uploaded by VitalyzdTv on YouTube, the Russian admin took his inspiration from the hit movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 2003 in leu to the upcoming Halloween season. Teaming up with Nick Santonastasso who was born without limbs due to a rare congenital defect called Hanhart syndrome, they pulled off the prank and successfully scared people in a parking lot.

Dressed as the psychopath with a chainsaw, the prankster pretended to cut off Santonastasso’s limbs to make it more realistic. The bloody killer pretended to butcher a limbless victim making people run for their lives. In the prank video, Santonastasso was attached with fake guts and screamed for help.

Watch Scary Prank Video Inspired by Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie on Viral Video

The video of 2 minutes and 37 seconds actually took several days of preparations. In a separate video uploaded in an account VitalyzdTvSecond, the making of the prank was shared. The fake guts made of latex, gelatin and towels took the artists 5-6 hours. Showing the paraphernalia’s for the prank, they had also prepared costumes and mask based on the movie. The bloodied elevator had been prepared even until the smallest details.

The team had been inspired by Santonastasso. According to the team, Nick made no complaints at all and had been to into their project. They invite people to check him out in Vine.

The Chainsaw Massacre was derived from the true story of serial murders done by Ed Gein. While the origin of the prank had been gruesome, the prank had been done to bring laughter to viewers as it brought fear to the unsuspecting victims. More pranks are expected as the Halloween approaches.

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