Samsung Galaxy Note 4 had been put to bend tests after a handful of people had demanded the tests from Lewis Helsenteger of Unbox Therapy. On the video posted on October 8, Hilsenteger also voiced out his comments on his haters and reason why he has been doing the the gadget tests, he had also put three words in the comment box that says ‘In all fairness...’.

In the first part of video, Hilsenteger said that he had been using the phone for various tests as he promised in his last video of gapgate test for Note 4. He tested the battery life and the camera, this time he tested the durability by bending it. He also shared that he had been having fan request that could be from Apple fans that he had been unfair in bend testing the iPhone 6 Plus but not the Note 4.

Hilsenteger believes that when it come to durability through bend test, Note 3 had set the bar. Now that Note 4 has a metallic exterior unlike the Note 3, how would it fair? With the pressure he inserted with his own hands, Note 4 did actually bend slightly, surprisingly at the same site where iPhone 6 Plus did. He was also able to bend it back to fix the warp.

Watch Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Bent Test

He mentioned that people should not attempt the test, bending it not the critical test for durability but it is a benchmark test with the use of his hands. He said that not all phones can be bent unlike some had said. Note 4 is more robust than the 6Plus.

He said that only time will tell about the real durability of a phone, his main objective is to bring the phones into extreme conditions since people expect to use such phones in two years or more.

He voiced out that he is sick of haters when he just wanted to show durability specifications from different manufacturers. Bendtest is the extreme test he can do in newly unveiled phone since he could not replicate the effects of 6 months usage in a phone that it just introduced to a market. He understands that it is important for people to know the durability of the phone since they buy for a price and they expect to use it in a long time.

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