Mariano Flormata Jr., Mister Philippines International, was invited by comedian Vice Ganda to interview him together with veteran showbiz host-actor German Moreno on stage in his Sunday night show, Gandang Gabi Vice. Aviation Security’s PO2 Flormata was introduced by Vice to Kuya Germs.

They first discussed about sidewalk vendors when Kuya Germs jokingly asked if Flormata should sit on his chair instead since the police officer seemed to turn out to be the show’s guest. Vice goodheartedly explained that had he invited Flormata to greet Kuya Germs because it is his birthday. Flormata greeted the known veteran host but was caught off guard when Kuya Germs asked him to sit on Vice’s lap.

Watch Mariano Flormata Jr., Mister Philippines International Guested on Gandang Gabi Vice

Vice reluctantly stood and let Flormata sit on his chair. Amidst the jeers and cheers of the audience, Mister Philippines International sat while Vice still acted to be shy about the suggestion. Kuya Germs stood and demonstrated to Vice how he should sit. The veteran host said that there is nothing wrong about it.

Vice sat on Flormata’s right leg and then wrapped an arm around the Philippine’s bet that made the people cheer more loudly. They changed seat, making Flormata sat on Vice’s lap instead. Flormata seemed to be in good nature and had gone with the flow of the show.

Kuya Germs thanked the police and soon let him off the hook as Vice wished him good luck on the competition. Mariano Flormata Jr. Is set to compete as the Philippine’s representative in Mister International 2014 in Seoul, South Korea on November 29. He also joined the actors and models in the recently talked bout fashion show of Bench entitled ‘The Naked Truth’.

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