The 3rd artist to enter the Blind Audition of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 was the 40-year old PO3 Jannet Cadayona. The police officer’s inspiration for joining the competition was her family who happened to be the reason behind her decision to wear her uniform right now. Despite being a woman, she would like to protect the people of this country and specifically her family.

Jannet chose the classic song “Tukso” by Eva Eugenio for her performance. It took a while for the four coaches to decide until APL De Ap became interested with her. When he turned, he was amazed and shocked that Jannet was wearing a PO3 uniform. The 3 coaches who did not turn their chairs were surprised also with what they saw.

Watch Jannet Cadayona Sings 'Tukso' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition

Jannet was the very first artist to enter APL De Ap’s list of artists. APL greeted her with a hug and promised to train her very well. Other judges’ comment on his performance was that there were notes that she missed to hit because of the changing of keys.

We will be able to watch Jannet more in the near future as she will advance in the next round of the competition. Her fellow police officers were so happy and proud that Jannet was able to pass the audition.

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