Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson surprised the WWE fans as he came in the wrestling ring of WWE during the Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn, New York. Nobody seemed to expect his comeback as the people roared, cheered and took out their phones to take a photo of The Rock back where he had started his career.

The Rock had been famous in WWE and entered the world of Hollywood as an action star and taking part in box office movies. Borclays Center had been raised with cheers as he had interrupted Russian wrestler Rusev in insulting the Big Show and the Brooklyn audience. Rusev wanted Big Show to come out and called USA as nothing. Amidst the chants of crowd, The Rock’s music played and filled the stadium.

The crowd chanted ‘This is Awesome’ as Johnson smiled and confront the two Russians. He told how his day had been and said that after he had paid his respect to New York Yankee’s Derek Jeter, he went to Brooklyn to finally announce that he is back. Lana told him to shut up. He asked Rusev what he thinks but suddenly cut the Russian short saying that it actually does not matter what he thinks.

Watch Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson surprised the WWE Fans

With all smiles, Lana quoted Vladimir Putin saying that a comrade knows what to eat. The Rock the quoted JZ saying that he would reintroduce himself. He then gave Rusev with some big rights and sent the Russian flying over the ropes and landing outside the ring.

There are different speculations as to Johnson’s return in WWE. While some think that he might intend to face John Cena to reclaim his championship, others think that he would have more confrontations and actions against Rusev. Many are delighted and shocked that The Rock is back were he had started and this is indeed an awesome surprise for WWE fans.

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