The movie about the cursed doll ‘Annabelle’ had inspired a prank video scaring maids that had been circulating around the different social media and already had almost 3.5 million views on YouTube since it was posted on October 5. The prank had been very elaborate that had given its very realistic effect of the unfortunate maids that had became the victims.

At the beginning of the 11- minute video, it showed the prank crew and how they had been detailed in each part of the room. The woman posting as the caretaker of a mansion had hinted in Brazilian on what is about to happen on the domestic helpers. She had said that the mansion had been closed for a very long time since the owners had been traveling abroad and decided to live in Europe after losing their child. The said couple was about to arrive the next day. The woman then said that the room that they must clean is the deceased child’s bedroom.

Watch the Doll 'Annabelle' in Scary Prank on Viral Video

In the room sitting cozily on her rocking chair is the diabolical Annabelle. Dolls were set up on one wall under a bookcase. There was an empty crib draped with white cloth that had soon been occupied by an invisible crying baby. Annabelle did her signature move of looking around. Lights turned on and off while books seemed to fly all around. The cursed Victorian doll suddenly disappeared only to reappear inside a cabinet levitating accompanied by a demon complete with flaring eyes and horns. All parts of the prank are also seen in the movie.

The video was uploaded by Camera Escondida translated into English as Hidden Camera which is part of the program in a Brazilian TV network SBT. SBT had also done prank videos inspired by horror movies Chucky and Carrie.

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