Viral Funny Photoshoped Chinese photos flooded various social media. Even in China, Photoshop is known to fix various photo problems and enhance the already good things in a photo, so people asked those with Photoshop expertise to make their photos better and they get what they wished for in unexpectedly funny ways thanks to a troll.

Internet is swarming with a lot of witty trolls who never fail to use certain chances to make fun of people, if not to annoy them. They are the ones who leave irrelevant comments in a certain post on various social media and websites.

They may annoy most but sometimes there are those who are talented in what they do, and powered with Photoshop skills, a troll can have no limits. The requests of the photo owners took serious turns as they were seemed to be either taken too literally or they had just too far and  witty it goes overboard.

A guy requested for more style and got his wish when his photo was edited in a body of a graceful ballerina.

A man who wanted the artist to do something with the girl who seemed dumping on the background got his request when the artist really did something. The man wan shrunken to the size of the woman in the background and they seemed to sit together.

A lady who’s riding a white horse wished to be with a Prince Charming. Smartly, the artist Photoshopped a man’s body with the horse, making a whit centaur.

A kid photobombed a couple’s photo, so the man asked if the artist can make a way that there will be no kids in the photo. The artist complied by making the kid have a manly body same as the guy.

A man in pink shirt wanted to have his photo merge with a girl’s photo. In the girl’s photo, she was with a boy. The artist artistically put the man’s face on the boy.

A young man wanted to seem like a ‘tragic’ hero, so the artist put his photo in a wake of a celebrated national hero.

A boy seemed bored in his photo and requested if it could be make more adventurous. The artist put him in a manhole in the middle of a flood so he seemed to be sinking in a whirlpool.

A boy wanting to impress his girl, asked if a photo of him running would seem to be more extreme. His running image was put in a crocodile’s photo.

A young man asked if he could be looked more dangerous by losing some clothes and having more tattoo while holding a knife. The artist gave him a body of a naked baby with lots of tattoos and a knife.
A man challenged the if his photo could be more interesting. You be the judge. Reference: rocketnews24

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