A bizarre turn of events caught the attention of netizens when a video clip of a Croation boxer knocked out the fight’s referee moments before the decision had been announced on European Youth Boxing Championships. The young Croatian boxer clad in red had been identifies as Vido Lodcar.

Fight under the light-heavyweight division, the 18 year old boxer was seemed to be losing the fight against the Lithuanian boxer Alguirdas Baniulis when the referee had stopped the game. While no one can tell for sure why such temper had won over Lodcar, at the moment before the referee was able to raise the hand of the winner in blue corner, Lodcar used his right fist to floor the referee.

Lodcar had evidently disagreed with the result as he poured his punches on the older man that was unable to block the fists full of anger. Baniulis immediately fled the scene had the bizarre incident had unfolded right at his very eyes.

Video of Croatian Boxer Who Knocks Down a Referee After Losing the Fight

Though many had climbed in the ring to help, nobody was able to stop Lodcar from beating the referee into pulp until someone had pulled him with his legs out of the ring. People had swarmed the ring to attend the poor man. Someone had put a chair in the ring for the referee to sit in and for people to see how much he had sustained.

Soon, the referee was rushed to the hospital and fortunately had sustained only minor injuries. Lodcar was led away by the event officials and will be charged sanctions. His behavior had been unacceptable and he might even be banned from the sports.

In the YouTube video posted by 101greatgoalsFan2, the uploader voiced out the Lodcar should even be filled with a criminal case for such a sickening act.

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