The pandesal boy vendor turned out that he seemed to just had cried wolf when he had said that a man took his money after he was threatened with a knife October 11. After saying that the incident had happened in Deparo, Caloocan, he was unable to be consistent with his story.

According to the police, the boy said that the man who took his money ran in different directions. Each version of his three statements is different from each other. The neighbors then admitted that they told the boy to make up the story because if he can’t take home enough money, his mother will hurt him.

Earlier, his mother had said that the boy volunteered to take up the job to have a new bike, but soon the story unraveled. The boy had been working for four years as a pandesal vendor because his parents made him do it.

The Pandesal Boy Vendor Seems Making Up The Story According to the Police

DSWD had also said that they can not tolerate parents making their minor children work for the family’s profit. The boy was scared of being hurt by his mother and it made him realized that a make up story will save him from trouble.

A viral video of the said boy had circulated. It had showed him shaking in fear as he tells the story of a man who threatened him with a knife and took his earnings. The boy was unable to identify the man and this made his story suspicious other than saying different versions of the story three times.

Police is considering the actions to be taken regarding the development of the case which seemed to involve a child labor and physical abuse. Reference: abs-cbn

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