Media had been bombarding Franco. He promised them that he will answer their questions soon. Franco’s reputation had been tarnished and his rating had gone low. Meanwhile, Jacq and Gabriel had to hide away from Franco’s men. They are also warned by an anonymous text about Franco’s case conference.

Franco had no choice but pushed Isabelle to release a statement in a press conference to clean his name. Franco warned Isabelle that he can have Jacq killed anytime that she will say something bad about him. Tessa wrote a statement for her and also warned that she will do anything for Franco. Franco was angry that Jacq sided with his enemy. He is willing to kill his own daughter.

Tessa promised Isabelle to help her escape if only she will do the statement well but the true wife told her that Tessa is a big liar. Isabelle was scared for the safety of her youngest daughter. She had no choice but lie to the press. Isabelle cried and had to stop speaking as she saw Gabriel hiding in the corner.

ABS-CBN Ikaw Lamang October 20 Episode Summary: The Blood War

Somebody wearing a gray hooded sweater tried to grab Isabelle but was wisked away by the guards. Gabriel saw the person and followed suit only to finally discover that it is Natalia. She wants to help Gabriel and take Isabelle from Franco. She admitted that she finally saw the truth about Franco. She said how Franco killed Samuel and did not even feel any remorse. She wanted to make up for Isabelle and save her from their father.

Isabelle finally learned that Franco still does not know where Jacq is. She was devastated by Franco’s lies. Franco also plans to know where Natalia is and get her back. Natalia called him and promised to come home to him.

Jacq tried to get close to Natalia and make a way for her to get close to the people they are with. Natalia finally realized why Isabelle wanted to be away from her father. She blames herself for being blind and not seeing how Franco had really been hurting their family. Jacq asked her for her forgiveness same as the older sister for treating her badly. Natalia gave her blessings to Jacq and Gabriel. The sisters finally reconciled.

Isabelle tried to make Tessa believe the truth that Franco will never love her.

Was Natalia really sincere? Will they be able to trick Franco? Can they really save Isabelle? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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