Tessa pointed a gun towards Isabelle and Natalia calling them the dear wife and the spoiled brat. Natalia urged her to talk but Isabelle tried to grab her gun. For fear, Natalia grabbed Tessa too and then she dropped the gun. Isabelle took the gun and asked Tessa to take her where Jacq is.

Gabriel was able to foresee the bomb prepared by Franco and so he was able to flee. He called Calixto to help him get Jacq. Natalia also called the police to tell them where they are and asked them to take Tessa. Jacq promised Franco that even though he gets them, they will always try to get away from him.

Gabriel sneaked into the pier where Franco is but he was caught. Jacq saw him and she could not stop crying. Franco was amazed to see Gabriel still alive. He asked his men to hit Gabriel in front of Jacq wailing for mercy. She was able to get near him. She asked him not to give up because they are still going to live long and have a family of their own. Gabriel promised to love her beyond death.

ABS-CBN Ikaw Lamang October 24 Episode Summary: Full Circle -The Finale

Franco asked his men to tie up the bloodied Gabriel. Jacq asked her father to stop. She promised to always follow Franco. He pointed a gun right at the back of the young man. Right at the moment, Gabriel jumped out of the ship, but Franco and his men tried to fire the gun at the water in hope to kill him for good.

While underwater, he was able to untangle from the ropes. He was able to get Jacq and asked her to get away first. He wanted to end everything first before he can leave the place.

While running, Jacq saw Calixto and the police and told them where Gabriel is. Franco was able to sneak behind Gabriel. Gabriel tried to fire his gun at him but he run out of bullet. They resulted to brawling. They both fell off the ship, Gabriel was able to hang on the rail while Franco fell on a big hook, piercing his body and ultimately killing him.

Gabriel came after Jacq and they hugged before telling her that her father died. He finally got justice.

Jacq walked down the aisle with Isabelle holding the urn of Samuel’s ashes. Natalia stood as the maid of honor. Gabriel and Jacq said their vows with tears in their eyes. At last their love had the freedom to be expressed. Sealed with a kiss and a marriage, the series ends with pure love and dreams. Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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