Franco’s cases were brought in court. One by one, Gabriel and the others stood as witnesses but Franco was confident that he can bring out evidence to prove his innocence. NBI had arrested him but he used force to take a gun of one of the officers and took Jacq as his hostage right at the front of media and protesters. He tried to escape in a van while Gabriel was hot in his pursuit. Franco got away and Isabelle was left devastated.

Franco took Jacq in a warehouse. The police officers were now investigating on where he might be hiding. Natalia gave them a list of Franco’s properties to check if one of those is his hide out. Franco told Jacq that he will use her to kill Gabriel. He will use Gabriel’s love for her to end their feud. Meanwhile, Gabriel is also decided to end their fight once and for all.

Isabelle took on TV to ask Franco to let their daughter go. Tessa asked Franco to leave his family behind. He wanted Franco to leave with her. He wanted to see Gabriel dead and be with his family. Tessa was shattered to realize that she is not part of the plan.

ABS-CBN Ikaw Lamang October 23 Episode Summary: The Last 2 Days

Gabriel knew that Franco is now being desperate. Gabriel is ready to risk his life to give Isabelle and her daughters peace and freedom. Franco talk with Gabriel through phone to tell him that he will kill him.

Tessa confronted Jacq that Franco’s life had been ruined since she and Isabelle came back to him. Jacq said that Tessa is only a mistress begging for even an ample amount of love that she cannot get for over the years that she had been with Franco. Jacq pointed out that Franco is obsess with her mother and Tessa can never compete with Isabelle. Tessa pushed her and she was able to land in the chair where Tessa’s bag was left. Jacq was able to sneak out a phone and called Natalia and Gabriel. She told them where Franco is hiding her. Tessa caught her and she told her that Gabriel will soon die in the hands of Franco.

Franco sent a misleading text to Gabriel and put a bomb in the building where Gabriel went in. Franco watched as the bombs exploded. He called Isabelle to tell her that he killed Gabriel. Thinking that Gabriel is gone, Isabelle promised to obey him once again.

Jacq cried in despair upon hearing the news of Gabriel’s death. Is Gabriel really gone? Will Tessa really kill Isabelle and Natalia? How will it all end? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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