Franco’s rage against Gabriel was getting worse. Tessa told him that Natalia was also missing and she could have conspired with Gabriel too.

Isabelle could not hold back tears as she hugged her daughters. The sisters admired her for her strong will and love. Isabelle told them that no matter how long and no matter what happens her love and devotion for them will never fade. Isabelle thanked Gabriel and the rest of her friends for saving the three of them. Isabelle told Jacq why she had done the pree conference and how Franco tricked her.

Franco only wanted to have his family but all of them conspired against them. Tessa told him the possibility that Natalia had gone against him. He cannot believe that Natalia will fight him too but if she does, he will also make her pay back.

Natalia showed Gabriel the evidence and the land titles she got from her father’s safe. Isabelle told Natalia that she knew she’s worried and guilty for Franco. The mother convinced her daughter that it is the right way to open her father’s eyes in all his evil doings.

ABS-CBN Ikaw Lamang October 22 Episode Summary: The Last 3 Days

Franco finally discovered that Natalia took his important papers from his vault. Isabelle cried as she touches the urn containing Samuel’s body. She promised him that they will be together someday in a place for both of them. She asked Gabriel for his forgiveness but he said that she did nothing wrong. She had loved his father with a pure love and she said that such love will be continued by him and Jacq. Gabriel promised that they will never be hurt again.

Gabriel’s team started to file charges against Franco to show the people that the senator can do anything, even murder to get his way. The media had caught on. Isabelle told them the truth that the press conference was all a lie. Franco got worried about his name and called his lawyer. His lawyer warned him that Gabriel had a strong case in Salvacion.

The public is starting to stir up against Franco. The senate sent a subpoena to Franco to investigate his cases and requested him to take a leave of absence. Gabriel promised Jacq that they will never be apart despite the challenges they are facing. They will have a family of their own in a peaceful place.

Will Franco finally be beaten down? Will Gabriel be finally get justice? Will Natalia be able to stand in her decision? Will Gabriel and Jacq be able to have their dream? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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