Franco appeared on TV saying that his youngest daughter had been kidnapped by Gabriel and announcing that he would give 10 million pesos to have her back. Isabelle finally learned that Samuel had died. She was shocked and had been deeply saddened. She asked to let Jacq go but Franco said that he will only stop when Gabriel dies.

Jacq said that she can see anger in Gabriel’s eyes. She asked Lupe to stop her adopted son from his vengeance. Jacq went to find Gabriel in his room but he had gone missing. Calixto said that Gabriel can’t just go to Franco in such the state of mind. Gabriel was able to sneak near Franco and hear his dark plans for Isabelle’s future.

Franco went into public, trying to act that he still wanted to serve the people while his daughter is missing. Meanwhile, Isabelle tried to escape but was intercepted by Tessa. Tessa promised her to make her life miserable as long as she is with Franco.

ABS-CBN Ikaw Lamang October 16 Episode Summary: Unstoppable Vengeance

Jacq decided to go out with Calixto to find her boyfriend. Gabriel had stealthily disguised and fell in line together with people who wanted to get relief goods handed by Franco. Calixto and Jacq tried to spot him before he does something drastic. Calixto found him in time to convince him to wait for some time. He told the younger man to make the people’s trust in Franco waiver. It is better to show the public his real character that be dubbed as a criminal who murdered a senator.

Gabriel promised his family that he will shatter Franco’s image. They tried to convince him to lay low for awhile, but he is still adamant. Franco saw the bruise on Isabelle’s face caused by Tessa. He had deeply enraged by knowing that Tessa did it. Franco warned Tessa about what she had done ti his wife.

Gabriel urged Jacq to leave him. His name and photos are on papers and it is dangerous for them. She wanted to stay and fight with him. Gabriel asked for her help and she gladly accepted his request.

During Franco’s public speech, Jacq came in and told everybody that she was not kidnapped but she had voluntarily went with Gabriel because Franco had been hurting them.

How will the public react with Jacq’s appearance? Will they all go back to Salvacion? Will Isabelle help Franco to clean up his name? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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