Jacq was able to escape once again. She went to the hospital where Samuel and Gabriel were fighting to live though critical condition. Jacq prayed for the father and son because they are now in critical situation for saving her and her mother. Despite attempts of reviving Samuel, they had failed to save him.

Isabelle was captured once again by Franco. She still had hopes that Samuel survived, not knowing that this time, Franco finally succeeded. Franco got angry upon knowing that Jacq had escaped. Franco was happy that Tessa told him where they are. Tessa then told him that his eldest daughter is gone and had left a letter.

In her letter, Natalia told Franco that she finally knew his real character and what he had done. She needed to go away and wanter her father to leave her alone for awhile. Franco then realized he had lost her at the time when he is at the verge of having his whole family again. Tessa told him to let go of his family and go back to his duties as a senator.

ABS-CBN Ikaw Lamang October 15 Episode Summary: Farewell To a Loved One

Gabriel finally woke up and asked Jacq about his father. With tears in her eyes she was reluctant to tell him the devastating news. Gabriel can not hold back his tears as he feels the loneliness of losing his father.

The whole family of Samuel grieved for him. They had cried and poured down their sadness. Gabriel relived his moments with his father as a child and now as a young man. He knows he had been loved by his father.

Isabelle is once again a prisoner in the mansion. She can not do anything but cry and pray. She did not know that the only man she loved had died. Gabriel could not stop crying for him and Jacq was just at the side crying for both the father and the grieving son. Gabriel told her that she had done nothing wrong.

Calixto recounted Franco’s wrongdoings, and Gabriel promised him that he will avenge and finally stop Franco. Gabriel confessed how much he had hated his father for being away from him for 20 years. When Samuel came back to his life, he had lost his hate and loved him so dearly. Franco had shattered their dreams and future. He promised his father to get everything back from Franco. Vengeance had eaten Gabriel’s heart.

What will be Gabriel’s plan to avenge his parent’s deaths? What will Isabelle do once she learns of Samuel’s death? What will Natalia do about the truth she had discovered? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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