As Samuel and Gabriel watch, Franco took his wife and younger daughter away to a new house. Gabriel wanted to go go in and get them but his father said that they need too back off and think of a plan.

Though hurt by Franco’s hit, Isabelle is still happy to know that Samuel is still alive. She told stories about Samuel to Jacq and her hope that Franco would never win.

Tessa kicked the Sangalang couples out of the house. They are so worried of Jacq but they have no means to get to her. Natalia woke up and saw Cindy packing her things and telling her that they would move to their other house. Tessa told her the truth about Isabelle’s memories. Tessa made up a story that Isabelle planned with Samuel to take her and her sister away from Franco.

Samuel and Isabelle were both thinking if their chance to be together is at hand. They had struggled and had longed for a happy life together. They had planned to get Isabelle and Jacq on the day of the renewal of vows. Isabelle seemed trapped and could not go against Franco plan to remarry her.

Ikaw Lamang October 7 Episode Summary: Evilness at its Heights

Natalia asked her father if they could only just leave Isabelle and Jacq behind but Franco still wanted to have a whole family. Natalia is still closed minded about the past and how Isabelle left her for another man. She questioned what manner of love had her mother has for her. For Natalia, Isabelle had rather chosen another guy over their family.

Jacq secretly took Natalia’s phone and dialed Gabriel’s number but she had no time to explain anything but only asked for help. Jacq could not go out to see Gabriel and cried out of disappointment that Franco turned out to be evil. She is scared to know that Franco hurts people for his own whim.

Tessa told Isabelle how much she had loved Franco and her hate on how Isabelle had hurt her husband a couple of times. Isabelle asked for Tessa’s help to get away so Franco would be left to Tessa, but Tessa said she would never defy Franco.

Franco tried to persuade Jacq to help his avenged against Samuel who had taken everything away from him. Isabelle told her younger daughter that Jacq and Gabriel has a love greater than hers and Samuel.

Would there be a chance for Isabelle and Samuel to be together this time? Would Jacq be able to escape and be with Gabriel? What would Natalia do with her bitterness and pain? Why does Natalia wanted to meet Gabriel? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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