A comic book of the first appearance of Superman printed in June 1983 and still in its almost perfect shape is now called as the most expensive comic book as confirmed by the Guinness World Records on October 10, 2014.

Once sold at 10 cents per copy in the 1980’s, the known vintage comic book is now fetching way beyond the people’s expectations as it had gone through an auction for ten days earlier this year. It had been reportedly bought by Vincent Zurzolo and Stephen Fishler who are New York comic books dealer. It has been reported that they had bought the comic book at the price of $3,207,852.

In the opinion of the Guinness team, the book had fetched such a high price because of its rarity and good condition. The most expensive comic book is maybe the best copy there is and deserves to be called the Holy Grail of comic books. In the Guinness’ Twitter account, they had posted the cover of the comic book featuring Superman carrying a Volkswagen.

Meet the Most Expensive Comic Book 'Superman' Confirmed by the Guinness World Records

The comic book received a grade of 9 out of 10 from Certified Guaranty Company, an independent comic book grader. In was in 2011 when also a comic book with a grade of 9.0 had surfaced with its faded white pages and fetched at $2.1 million and had then set the record until last Friday.
Though the most expensive comic book is that of Superman, it is the character of Tintin and his dog Snowy off on various adventures in a two-paged spread that is dubbed as the most expensive cartoon art. This art created by Belgian artist Herge in 1937 had been sold for $3.58 million or 2.65 million euros.

The prices of vintage comic books keeps on getting higher as it ages more and maintain as much original states as it could. Reference: guinnessworldrecords

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